Expand your horizon as a Java Developer

Build on your existing skills, and discover a new world of possibilities… You're a Java developer. Make that a great Java developer! You've written some amazing applications in Java, and you're always learning new stuff.

The Microsoft Platform & Java™ Interoperability center is designed for Java developers with three goals in mind: making the move to the cloud easier, using tools like Team Foundation Server for agile team development, and getting an understanding of how to get advantage of the .NET platform.


Thought Windows Azure was for .NET only? Think again! With Windows Azure, it's possible to host many languages and frameworks, including Java. Run Apache Tomcat or other application servers, and even download Azure plug-ins for the Eclipse IDE

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Team Development

Do other teams in your organization use tools such as Team Foundation Server? With the recent acquisition of Teamprise, and the release of Visual Studio Team Explorer Eveywhere, you can check in code and participate in the entire lifecycle as a Java developer.

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Language & Platform

How does the JDK compare with the .NET framework? What are the strategies for interoperating between applications in Java and applications in .NET? In this third section of the website, we share information and content to answer these questions and more

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